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---------- In news this year, the PRT was formed as an over watch to the government cape group known as the Protectorate, as well as a law enforcement/military arm of the government when handling parahumans. She was waiting for me, fresh coffee and food. She literally yawned in her sleep, and a stream of the liquid fell from a portal into her mouth, the empty vial dropping into my hand with a sticky note to check on the feed five minutes ago in her room. No real surprise butterflies just yet, though with seniorita Contesa one can never be sure what is a butterfly and what is not. I tested it by walking in at 3 am for three days straight. Still not sure why as I don t interact all that much with them. Sierra and her small crew of college kids had become something of permanent fixtures in my home. Maybe not the best decision, but then again I hoped to have a way to kill ziz the first time I saw her, and the additional conflict might help me get the tech I needed. Still, anytime I walk into the house she has a waiting cup of coffee and a plate of chilled sandwiches ready. Feels a bit like another interlude, but since that s how most of the years are going to play out until we get to the more exciting events. This time I made sure I wasn t the first on scene, only arriving after Legend had initiated combat. Bastards, but well played on everyones part. Apparently she thought it was a hiring list, and had contacted every single one of them. The two minor projects I was working on, scaling the lasgun to hobbit sized, and reverse engineering the power cell on the damn thing, took me about four months of sheer effort, each.

They were not altogether the most effective, though the PPC s seemed to do the most damage to the infinitly dense Behemoth that we were fighting. I saved lives though, evacuation was made a lot easier when people could just follow some of my various toys around, specifically the Hobbit sized Urbanmechs which were deployed en mass. The only sign of its existence was a hobbit sized refinery on the surface, neatly tucked away between a couple of rocks in the Scorseby crater. That stopped after I had greased some wheels to get Marquise s civilian identity nominated as Mayor. She found my list of names too, the likes of Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes, and numerous others. Fucking imperium bullshit that it was I really only released it to my company as a way of helping take down Brutes and the major threats that would eventually come out, like Nilbog and the S9. Most of that time was spent prototyping, testing, and rechecking my work. Most of the company that she was building for me was built out of Tinker Town, which I strongly suspected was going to become the new Silicon Valley tiny tinker toy dating. When I had filled the paperwork for the creation of a company, she ended up taking it over from me. Strangely the town had gotten, not worse, but not better either. The Protectorate and the PRT seemed to be fairly functional, and I had contacted General Mattis, the man who was put in charge instead of Miss Costa-Brown (my finger slipped, money changed hands, four or five people died, sue me. Only a few had signed on, but those few were already worth their weight in gold, as Sierra had put it one night. ----------- The first interaction between Cauldron and myself. That was only possible since the two were meant to be scaled up, quite literally as I had discovered, the primary lance of the spacecraft was a variant of Lasgun.

Founding members are Legend, Hero, Eidolon, and Alexandria, just like I had come to expect. I now had an underground lunar base, it was small, but growing tiny tinker toy dating. No real skin of my back, and the butterflies that meant better tech and better standards of living really didn t bother me.naughty girls chat no regrestration com.
. Sao Paulo was where I debuted my toy sized Marines, and the hobbit sized mechs piloted by tinyGuard. Gangs would still put pressure on people, the mayor of Brockton Bay had been assassinated four times, captured by the Teeth three times, and had decorated the town in his guts twice. For all I knew the difference was anywhere from a thousand steps to ten thousand extra ones they would have had to deal with. While I was 90% sure the PTV had originally wanted Costa-Brown in place, having me alive was still worth more than the fight I put up with them. Confirmation of my suspicions came about when a glowing purple vial found its way into my home, and in front of my security cameras, its contents force-fed into Sierra. ) For now the PRT was the first recipient of Lasguns and spike pistols (Hobbit sized spike launchers ripped from Hobbit Marine blueprint). All told, cape casualties were about 75%. I had a couple of projects that were finally completed, the major one being the space platforms that are featured as Terrain in pretty much every starcraft game. Turns out that I hadn t even needed to upscale them, which had launched me into my second endeavor. My own salary was being paid by the company, apparently that 34 million I was making was only a fraction. .

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